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Entice your taste buds with the exotic flavours of Koos die Potjieman’s Holbrand Curry.

The age old myth that a great curry has to be eye watering hot, is proven here as a myth, and that’s just that.

We have created a curry masterpiece with a selection of 10 different herbs and spices, which will complement you’re cooking, leaving your guests with the desire for more, and you, feeling like a great Indian Chef!

Available in:

Lafhartig (for the coward in you) just enough spices to tingle your taste buds, but still leaving your stomach feeling at ease.

MildHolbrandkerrie LafhartigR 45

* All prices is in South African Rand

Parmantig (if you feel a little Cheeky.) Now let’s talk about a little more than just flavour, but still, no need to consult a doctor on this one.

MediumHolbrandkerrie ParmantigR 45

* All prices is in South African Rand

Aggressief (aggressive) you should be able to recognize the danger signs everywhere with this hot number, but what the heck, you only live once! Go on be a dare devil!

HotHolbrandkerrie AggressiefR 45

* All prices is in South African Rand