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Late in the 90’s we were introduced to the Potjie for the first time. We bought our first Potjie with it’s own, unique stove. We soon discovered the multitude of benefits from using this Potjie, easy to clean, very light weight, unlike its Falkirk counterpart, just to name a few.

More and more of our friends became interested in the Potjie and so we entered the Potjie market, very cautiously and with baby steps, up to the point where the humble family past time business grew into a real fulltime operation.

Through our friends and family the idea for our brand name, Koos die Potjieman was born. The rest is history. On a daily basis we receive compliments with regards to the product from our clients and some useful tips as well.

We guarantee your satisfaction, and invite you to contact us with any questions that you might have with regards to this product.

Koos die Potjieman